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5 Healthy Airport Meals

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Anyone who's traveled knows that finding a healthy meal at the airport can be a challenge. Your best bet is to eat first and pack healthy snacks (see our Complete Guide to Healthy Business Travel to learn more). But if you find yourself in a must-eat situation and need a filling breakfast, a quick lunch, or a tasty dinner after a long day of travel, choose one of the menu items below to stay healthy on the road.

1. Starbucks

Pair a 12-ounce non-fat latte with a Feta and Spinach Breakfast Wrap. This protein-packed, high-fiber combination will keep your metabolism revved and combat hunger.  This meal has 390 calories, 29 g of protein, 43 g of carbs, 6 g of fiber, and 10 g of fat.

2. Chili's

Choose the Lighter Choice Grilled Salmon with a side of whole grain rice and steamed vegetables for a high-protein meal with plenty of heart-healthy omega-3s. This meal has 490 calories, 28 g of protein, 39 g of carbs, 6 g of fiber, and 17 g of fat.

3. McDonald's

Order the Premium Grilled Classic Chicken Sandwich and a side salad. The protein-packed sandwich and colorful veggies makes for an antioxidant-packed meal. Choose a low-fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing for healthy fat. This meal has 410 calories, 29 g of protein, 49 g of carbs, 5 g of fiber, and 11 g of fat.

4. Au Bon Pain

Make a healthy lunch or dinner with a Half Classic Chicken Salad Sandwich and 12 Veggies Soup. A classic soup and salad combo, this meal has a great balance of carbs, protein, and fat. Opt for whole grain bread on the sandwich. This meal has 350 calories, 18 g of protein, 48 g of carbs, 5 g of fiber, and 9 g of fat.

5. Sports Bar

Ideal for the meat and potatoes lover, order a 6-ounce sirloin with a baked potato and the steamed vegetable of the day. You'll get a hearty helping of lean protein and high-fiber carbs. Instead of butter, sour cream, and cheese, top the potato with salsa. This meal has 411 calories, 42 g of protein, 48 g of carbs, 9 g of fiber, and 7 g of fat.

Sally Kochtanek is a nutritionist at Core Performance.

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