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7 Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget

As the global economy continues to crumble, so does our health. Case in point: There are now more obese people than there are overweight Americans, according to the latest National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Both tallies—obesity and overweight—now hover around a third of the adult population, with the number of obese notching a few percentage points higher for the first time in American history. What’s worse, leading obesity researchers believe that the current economic downturn may force more people to spend less on food, and cheap eats are often void of nutritional value.

Click on the slideshow above for seven strategies to save money at the supermarket while eating a well-balanced diet.

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David Schipper – David began writing for CorePerformance.com in 2008, after spending six years at Men's Health magazine digging up the newest scientific research in health, weight loss, nutrition, muscle and cardiovascular fitness.

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