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9 Junk Foods That Pile on Calories Fast

Pixland / Thinkstock

Your daily indulgence in a can of soda or a single Oreo cookie might not seem like much in the moment, but can add up to tens of thousands of calories a year. Check out the Huffington Post's list of calorie-laden junk foods below.

  1. 1 blueberry muffin a day = 138,700 calories per year
  2. 1 glazed donut a day = 87,600 calories per year
  3. 1 plain bagel a day = 69,250 calories per year
  4. 1 can of soda a day = 54,750 calories per year
  5. 1 small bag of Lay's chips a day = 54,750 calories per year
  6. 1 Oreo a day = 29,200 calories per year
  7. 1 slice of white bread a day = 24,090 calories per year
  8. 1 packet of ketchup a day = 7,300 calories per year
  9. 1 piece of gum a day = 5,475 calories per year

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