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Coming to America: Pizza Vending Machines


As if traditional vending machine foods weren’t bad enough for you, the latest on-the-go pizza option appears to be taking unhealthy to a new level (see also: cupcake ATMs). Let's Pizza, a pizza vending machine distributed by Netherlands-based company A1 Concepts, is set to make its American debut by the end of the year [PizzaMarketplace.com].

The machine delivers made-to-order pizzas in less than three minutes and offers more than 200 toppings. The machines are expected to be installed everywhere from airports and malls to colleges and public transportation stations. But do Americans really need more easy access to fattening food when we're already facing an obesity epidemic?

"Highly processed foods like pizza should be a treat, not the norm,” says Amanda Carlson-Phillips, vice president of nutrition and research at Core Performance. “With obesity, health care costs, and disease on the rise, a pizza vending machine isn't something we should be excited about. It's not about eating healthy or making a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ choice. It's about making a choice that boosts energy and improves your quality of life. We have created a new breed of hunters and gatherers. For those of us that don’t plan in advance, we have to hunt for the best option because our environment is full of these calorie-dense, nutrient-depleted foods."

Her advice: Take control of how you fuel your body by getting most of your nutrition from whole foods. Read her 10 rules of healthy eating to get started.

And if you're craving pizza, make your own healthy pie at home. Try one of these recipes: Crumbled Chicken Pizza, Turkey Pepperoni Pizza, Southwestern Chicken Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

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