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EAS Sports Nutrition Launches 100% Certified Program


EAS Sports Nutrition is the first major nutrition brand to receive 100 percent certification that their products are free from banned substances. EAS, owned by Abbott Nutrition, has teamed up with NSF International, a non-profit health and safety organization, and HFL Sport Science, a renowned sports doping control and research laboratory, to launch the EAS 100% Certified Program.

EAS developed the program in response to the increase in illegal, dangerous products being marketed to consumers as dietary supplements. Since 2007, hidden drugs, stimulants, and undeclared substances have been found in more than 300 illegal products marketed as "dietary supplements, "according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

"With the uncertainty of ingredients, the amount of products on the market that don't live up to their claims, and the lack of regulation of supplements, the EAS certification program will make it easier (and safer) for consumers to choose products to meet their needs," said Amanda Carlson-Phillips, vice president of nutrition and research at Athletes' Performance. "Hopefully this move forward will raise the bar again in the supplement industry."

The program includes 100 percent qualification, quality assurance and certification. Abbott will perform site assessments and performance reviews with all suppliers, monitor the raw ingredients and test for contaminants, and NSF and HLF will validate all processes and conduct banned substance testing on all EAS products.

Beginning in November 2011, all EAS brand products will feature a certified "tested and true" quality assurance seal verifying that products are free from banned substances (steroids, narcotics, and more) and guaranteeing that the only ingredients in the products are those listed on the packaging.

"EAS has always been an industry leader in ensuring that their products are safe for consumers and supported by research, and the EAS certification program is just another example of the company stepping up their game," said Carlson-Phillips.

For more information, visit the program page on EAS.com.

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