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Families Who Eat Together Have Healthier Habits

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Families who sit down for meals together have healthier eating habits, according to researchers from Rutgers.

Researchers said that 40 percent of the average family budget is spent dining out separately. In a review of 68 studies, they found that families who ate together at home made healthier choices, especially the kids. Kids who ate with their families consumed less junk food, and more fruits, veggies, and foods rich in fiber, calcium, and vitamins.

Social improvements were also linked to family mealtime. Teens who ate with their families were less likely to show signs of depression and felt more support from family members.

"Even while our lives seem to get busier, family mealtime should be a priority to maintain a healthy work-life balance, says Dr. Roy Sugarman, director of applied neuroscience at Athletes' Performance. "Not only will children and adults benefit from the extra time spent together, but eating meals together encourages everyone—parent and child—to be healthier."

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