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Is Your Fridge Yawn-Inducing?

Hemera / Thinkstock

Amanda Carlson-Phillips, Core Performance’s vice president of nutrition and research, shared one of her top tips for weight loss with the editors at Glamour magazine. The advice:

Stop eating the same healthy foods all the time. Meals are bound to get boring if you fall into the routine of eating the same fruits and vegetables. Add fruits and veggies of three different colors to every plate—you’ll be chowing down on a mix of nutrient-dense, low-calorie, high-fiber foods to help keep you slim. Also, a heart-healthy salad will feel like much more of a satisfying indulgence when it’s a visual feast and taste-bud party.

For more ways to lose unwanted pounds and keep your food plan fun, visit CorePerformance.com/weight-loss.

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