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The Secret (and Sneaky) Way to Avoid Holiday Overeating


One of the most exciting part of the holidays for many families is decking the halls with their favorite seasonal decorations. But this year, you may want to leave behind a key part of your holiday decor: the china.

Your favorite bright red, gold, or Santa-themed china may actually lead you and your holiday guests to overeat, according to a new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

The study found that when the food and the plate were similar in color, people were more likely to serve themselves larger portions. For example, let's take spaghetti with red sauce on a red plate. The food blends into the plate with a similar color, making the portion seem smaller, as opposed to the perceived amount of food on a plate of contrasting color.

Researchers recommend avoiding red and yellow or gold plates. These colors are similar in color to lots of different foods, making them the most likely to contribute to overeating.

Enjoy a healthier holiday this season by sticking with white plates, which contrast better with most foods.

Tags: Weight Loss, Calories, Food