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The 10 Best iPhone Nutrition Apps

We’ve tested all the nutrition apps we could find, from calorie trackers to grocery lists. We even found an iPhone app that you can use without actually owning an iPhone yourself (see slide nine).

The good news: You can just about download a real live nutritionist to your phone these days. The bad news: You can’t.

That’s why we asked Amanda Carlson-Phillips, director of performance nutrition for Athletes’ Performance, to analyze which apps can have the greatest impact on your nutrition. And since an app is only as good as it is easy to use, we had Luke Bussey, director of technology for Athletes’ Performance, review her choices to see how tech savvy you need to be to use them.

The result: the best nutrition apps to help you reach your goals. None offers a complete program, but they’re useful tools to complement your Core Performance nutrition plan.

Click on the slideshow above to get started.

* While there are new apps hitting the market daily, these were the best available at the time of publication. Let us know if you find more great apps!

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