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The Clean and Simple Diet Experiment

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If you haven't yet noticed streamlined food labels and packaging touting minimal ingredients, you soon will. Limiting the number of ingredients in processed foods is shaping up to be the next big food industry trend.

Sounds like a good thing, right? Pardon the skepticism, but exactly how will food manufactures find new ways to trick us into eating junk when creating artificial foods with downsized labels?

That's what contributing writer Joe Kita set out to learn in his blog, One Small Change. Only Kita took it a step further. For the past month, he's tried eating strictly foods with five or less ingredients, or whole, organic foods.

After adopting a new way to navigate the grocery store, deciphering marketing claims, and trying to follow his diet even without home-kitchen advantage, Kita discovered a number of simple, practical strategies for eating clean. 

Read the 5-part series below and use his findings to reshape your definition of a diet—and your body.

A Month of Clean Eating

Writer Joe Kita vows to go a whole month without eating anything with more than five ingredients.

The Next Big Food Trend: "Simply" Confusing

Trying to eat clean food for a month is proving more challenging than expected.

6 Lessons for Simple Eating

As Joe continues his journey to eat clean, he's learning a few surprising lessons.

7 Rules for Eating Clean When You Eat Out

Is it possible to stick to minimally processed, natural foods when you dine out?

8 Things You Need to Know About Eating Clean

After a month of avoiding processed foods, Joe contemplates whether or not it was worth the effort.

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