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The Naked Truth About Pizza

avlxyz / flickr

We’ve been focused on eating clean lately. All this month in our blog One Small Change, contributing writer Joe Kita and nutritionist Amanda Carlson-Phillips explore the trend of food manufacturers stripping ingredients out of products. So today’s news about the Kraft Group (not to be confused with Kraft Foods) investing in a company called Naked Pizza came as no surprise. While we haven’t tried the pizza yet (we’ve placed an order), it’s clear that Kraft wants a slice of the action…a piece of the pie…a taste of the sweet stuff...ok, that’s enough.

There’s increasing popularity among food companies to tout "all-natural" concepts as proof of proper nutrition, and consumers are eating it up. But as Kita writes, those words alone don’t deliver you to good health. Naked Pizza’s website says, “A healthy lifestyle is paring yourself and food down to essential and natural versions of the original.” Versions of the original? The original sounds pretty good already. We’re big fans of original fruits and vegetables.

That said, there’s little doubt that the move to create healthier fast food is a positive trend—and a wise investment. As Kita shows month after month, sweeping change is scary, but taking small steps toward a healthier lifestyle works. If you can’t stop eating out so many meals, then at least make better choices when you order. Can’t handle 60 minutes of daily exercise? Try five or 10 to start.

But let’s keep this in perspective. A pizza with the best ingredients is still pizza. A French fry fried in trans fat-free oil is still a French fry. “I see this trend as being parallel to the fat-free craze of the 1980s when people were downing entire boxes of Snackwell cookies because they were fat-free,” says Carlson-Phillips. “If you want to make a big difference in your health, call major attention to portion size. Most of us eat way too much, yet not enough fruits and vegetables. Go for clean, nutrient dense foods that fit calorically into your daily needs.”

We’ll take a small slice of the Naked Pizza, please. For a large helping of nutrition advice and more on this topic, stay tuned to Joe Kita's blog One Small Change all this month.

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