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Why You Should Drink Cold Water During Exercise

Hemera / Thinkstock

Drinking cold water during your workout can keep your body temperature cooler for longer, decreasing heat-related stress and fatigue, according to a new study published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition [jissn.com].

Researchers at Athletes’ Performance, including Amanda Carlson-Phillips, director of performance nutrition and research, and Performance Nutritionist Danielle LaFata, studied the impact of cold water on body temperature during exercise. The study included 45 men who completed two 60-minute training sessions, which were followed by training tests including a broad jump test and a bicycle exhaustion test. During training, they drank either cold water from a Thermos® stainless steel water bottle with vacuum insulation technology or room temperature water. Core temperature was measured every 15 minutes during training.

They found that when the men drank cold water (40ºF), the rise in body temperature was delayed by at least 30 minutes compared to 15 minutes when they drank room temperature water (72ºF). Researchers also found that 49 percent of the men performed better in the broad jump and 51 percent performed better in the bicycle exhaustion test when they drank cold water.

“We now recommend all athletes, both professional and recreational, consume cold beverages during training sessions at our facility,” said Carlson-Phillips in a press release.

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