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One Small Change

New Blog: One Small Change

Big change is scary. Whether it’s a new job, boss, home, marriage, baby, diet, workout, economy or even haircut, there’s always apprehension. Although it’s healthy to shake things up, too much shaking can unmoor us.

That’s why I’m a fan of small change. Over time, if you’re diligent, it’ll succeed where big change often fails. And when coupled with other small changes, it’ll usually deliver you to the same goal (and sometimes even beyond) without nearly as much uncertainty, stress and hassle. It may not be as exciting and dramatic as big change, but it’s generally more effective.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight on a “revolutionary” diet or add 10 pounds of muscle with some “comprehensive new” workout, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Big change in fitness and nutrition, just as in other aspects of life, rarely bestows what was promised. But small change can.

So each month on this site, I’m going to announce one small change that I’ll be making in my life. I’ll introduce it at the start of the month and, with the guidance of an expert consultant, I’ll become my own lab rat. I’ll blog about my experiences and then, 30 days later, deliver a verdict on whether this small change was worthwhile and whether I’ll be continuing it.

Some of the small changes I’m planning to make in upcoming months include: napping for 30 minutes every day; giving up alcohol cold turkey; eating the RDA for fiber (ba-boom!); checking email twice per day instead of 50; stretching for 20 minutes every morning; walking or biking for errands within a 10-mile radius of home; and so on. Who knows? If I get really carried away, maybe I’ll even start calling my 76-year-old mother more regularly.

As you can see, all these things are healthful, positive life steps. But rather than grandly vowing to get fit, eat more nutritiously, sleep better, reduce stress and save the environment, I’ve broken them down into more-practical increments. I figure if I can make even a few of these small changes stick, over the course of a year I’ll have made great progress. Plus, I suspect I’ll also gain a sense of control and mastery by flexing my will power.

Intrigued? If so, I challenge you to come along with me each month and make the same small change. You can follow my progress and even add your own thoughts and experiences to the blog.

Are you psyched? Are you ready? Okay then! This month I’m giving up caffeine….

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Joe Kita – Joe Kita is a noted writer, editor, motivational speaker and teacher. He authors the blog "One Small Change" for CorePerformance.com.

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