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One Small Change

The Pillow Ring, Nap Urinal and Other Amazing Gizmos


Awful napping weekend. Too much going on. As a result, I tried napping in the car (head kept hitting window on sharp left turns), on a visit to my mother’s (Joey, are you getting sick? Joey!) and during yoga class (snoring is frowned upon in savasana; wife delivers elbow to ribs). The disruption in my napping routine is spilling over into the week, and I’m unable to recreate those wonderful restoratives I initially experienced. I’m back to lying on the couch with my mind rat-tat-tatting through the day’s agenda. I guess I was naïve in assuming I had this napping thing nailed.

Which leads me to http://www.gizmodo.com, a gadget blog that features an array of innovative napping products. I’m thinking that maybe there’s something here that might ease my struggles and make this experiment a little easier. Turns out, there are some amazing sleep-aids on the market. (Of course, whether they work is debatable.)

Sleep-Analyzing Pillow:

This headrest contains a sensor that reportedly tracks head movements. Supposedly, the deeper you sleep, the less your head moves. In the morning, you’re presented with a total head count, comparisons with prior nights, and the day’s nap recommendation.


Can’t keep your eyes open at work? When you close your laptop, a fan that connects to your computer’s USB port inflates a small pillow so you have a place to rest your head. Music plays and an alarm sounds after 10 minutes. I’m on it, boss!

Sleeptracker Pro:

This watch claims to be able to detect your sleep cycles. (There are five ranging from light to deep.) If you awaken during a deep cycle, you’ll feel groggy and lethargic. Thus, the SleepTracker’s alarm (you can set it for a 90-minute window) will only sound when you’re in a light cycle. Testers say they awakened more refreshed.


These are “slumber cocoons” designed for indoor or outdoor use. Ranging from inflatable beds to futuristic-looking pods, they claim to provide the perfect napping environment. (Note: They will not fit under a work desk.)

Nap Cap:

Designed to eliminate the dreaded head bob that interrupts restful napping on planes and buses, this device consists of a hat that straps securely to the seat. (Bonus: Also eliminates drooling on a neighbor’s shoulder.)

Pillow Ring:

This is the next best thing to having really hairy knuckles. The ring, which slips onto any finger, features a small pillow that you can rest your head on.

Nap Urinal:

This is supposedly under development by a fraternity in the Midwest. It’s essentially an inflatable cushion that attaches to the wall above a urinal. Be honest, gentlemen. In this hectic world, who among us hasn’t dreamed of catching a few zzz’s while we pee?

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