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Dominate the Mountain Like an Olympian

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The 2010 Winter Olympic Games were jam-packed with inspiring performances on the snow. Whether it was Lindsey Vonn’s swift downhill moves for the gold or Shaun White's whipping Double McTwist 1260 in his victory run that caught your eye, you may be asking yourself how you can step up your performance. We’ve pulled together our best winter sport articles to help you ramp up your skills on the mountain.

Fuel for the Slopes
When you’re exercising in cold weather, your body needs more food and water than usual to stay energized. Use these nutrition tips to fuel your body.

Reduce Soreness
Steeps, bumps, powder, and even groomers are bound to leave you feeling sore. Here’s what to do about it.

Master Moguls
Moguls are a lot about strength, but also rhythm. Get into a good groove early and you’re flying. Use these four training tips to dominate the bumps on the mountain. 

Ski Faster
While you may have to contend with the usual obstacles—trees, turns, wayward children—that doesn’t mean you can’t open things up. Here’s how to increase your speed when you hit an open stretch.

Improve Balance
From the big picture to the finer points, performance specialist Craig Friedman explains how to improve your balance for the slopes. Try these exercises today.

The Ski Season Workout
If you want to ski longer, harder and faster, then prepare your body for the challenge. This training session combines lower body strength-boosting moves, power exercises, and drills to solidify your hips, torso and shoulders. Try this workout now.

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