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Grab More Rebounds

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You might not have the best shot or speed, but you can guarantee yourself a spot in any basketball game for one reason—there are always rebounds to be had. Sure, there’s technique involved, but the job is an attitude. “It’s 100 percent about desire,” says Tarvish Felton, assistant men’s basketball coach at Utah State. Take the right frame of mind, along with a few exercises, and be ready to clean up.

Adopt the proper mindset.

  • Be the aggressor.
    Assume every shot is a miss and when the ball goes up, initiate contact under the defensive boards with whatever body part works to knock the guy off balance and create space. Do it early and often to set the tone. “Over the course of the game, it’ll wear him down,” Felton says.
  • Get your hands up.
    On the offensive end, get to the side of your man rather than going for contact to avoid running into a box out, and while keeping your hands up, look for chances to tip a miss off the glass or to a teammate.

Add three movements to your workout.

  • Half-Kneeling Shoulder Press
    Unlike the traditional standing press, kneeling will engage your torso and stabilize your body. Working your shoulders at the same time will help drive you up as you reach for the rebound, says Chang Lee, performance specialist at Athletes’ Performance in Los Angeles.
    How to do it: Start in a half-kneeling position (one knee on the floor, your other leg at 90 degrees), holding a pair of dumbbells at your sides. Do a biceps curl right into an overhead press, rotating your hands as you go so they face forward at the top of the move. Push the weight straight up, not in an arcing motion. Then reverse the pattern back to the starting position.
  • Front Pillar Bridge
    By working your core, hips and shoulders, you’ll build stability and body control, allowing you to hold your position better under the boards, Lee says. Watch this video for a demonstration of this movement.
  • Dumbbell Split Squat
    This move trains your quadriceps and glutes to help boost your jumping power, says Lee. The split stance also helps improve your stability. Watch the video.

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