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How to Reduce Soreness During Your First Ski Trip

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Q: How can I prevent sore legs during my first weekend back on the slopes?

A: You can't. Having a sound off-season training program will certainly reduce soreness, but nothing will eliminate it. Don't use that as an excuse not to prepare, though. If you don't condition your body for the season, you'll fatigue faster, you'll end up really sore, and you'll be more likely to suffer an injury.

Also, instead of shooting straight for the bar after your day on the slopes, try foam rolling (here's a sample routine), get a massage, or sit in a cold tub. All of these recovery techniques will go a long way in helping you feel better—and move better—the next day.

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Craig Friedman – Craig Friedman is the vice president of the performance innovation team at EXOS. He designs and implements performance training systems for professional athletes in all sports as well as elite youth and college athletes.

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