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Kevin Youkilis' All-Star Recovery Habits

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It’s sometimes a struggle to take a break from work, especially when things are going well. Who wants to break the momentum or perhaps lose an opportunity?

That’s true no matter what your career is, even in Major League Baseball, which provides few off days in a 162-game regular season that extends from April through September.

Core Performance places a premium on rest and recovery. The idea is that if you take time to relax and recharge, you’re going to perform better. If you don’t, you’ll get run down, often not realizing you’re performing at a sub-par level.

Kevin Youkilis has found a way to balance recovery with the grind of playing Major League Baseball. This season, the Boston Red Sox first baseman was named an American League All-Star for the first time. It’s an honor, to be sure, but it also meant he missed out on a highly-desired four-day vacation.

Youkilis wasn’t worried. Last year, he spent the break doing absolutely nothing and came back feeling tired and sluggish. That’s because he didn’t engage in any sort of active recovery, whether it be a massage or a light cardio workout.

“You have to stay active and do something,” says Youkilis, who has trained at Athletes’ Performance in Tempe, Arizona since 2002. “Even if it’s just a light workout - that can really jumpstart the recovery process.”

Youkilis was in the starting lineup for the winning A.L. team in this summer’s marathon All-Star Game, which lasted until almost 2 a.m. Eastern Time. The 72-hour All-Star experience is a whirlwind of travel, interviews and parties, but Youkilis came away confident in his recovery plan for the second half of the season.

“I made a plan to get a workout in and do something and even though it wasn’t a total break, it was a diversion, a mental break of sorts,” Youkilis said. That’s as much a part of recovery as anything.”

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