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Moguls Made Easy

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Moguls are a lot about strength, but also rhythm. Get into a good groove early and you’re flying. Get into a bad rhythm and you’re playing catch up and eventually picking up equipment strewn along the mountain. Here’s how to do more of the former:

1. Glute Bridges

Along with strengthening your butt muscles, doing glute bridges stabilizes your hips, allowing you to better stay on the course, says Marc Digesti, performance specialist at Core Performance Center in Santa Monica, California. Watch the instructional video below to learn how to perform one variation—the single-leg glute bridge.

2. Trampoline Jumps

Granted, your first job may be to find a one, but, if you can—a small version will do—it’ll help. Don’t attack it like an Olympic competition. Make the trampoline go down without getting any air under your body. You’ll be working on absorbing bumps, exactly what your legs need to be doing on a run, says Bill Reichelt, head ski coach at University of Vermont.

3. Plyometrics

Explosive movements, Reichelt says, are critical for developing lower body power. New to plyometrics? Start with a drill like squat jumps and keep your repetitions low. Try two sets of 4 reps to start.

4. Single-leg Romanian Deadlifts

It’s key during moguls to keep your skis in front of you while keeping your hips and torso in line down the hill. With single-leg romanian deadlifts, you’re building hip stability in the downward leg, working your torso throughout the movement, activating the glute in your trail leg, and controlling your weight distribution, particularly over your foot, Digesti says. Do 3 sets of 10 reps on each side.

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