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Q&A: Getting Ready for an Adventure Race

sharpneil / flickr

Q: What’s the best way to prepare for an adventure race?

A: Your training depends on the type of race, since adventure races can vary so much, consisting of everything from mountain biking to rappelling. But let’s look at three basic factors that will impact both your performance and risk for injury on any course:

1. Terrain

If you prepare just on a treadmill, you won’t be prepared for the terrain. If you're racing on trails, it’s important to train on them, say, once a week at first, but do it on a short, medium intensity day just to get your body used to those higher impact forces.

2. Endurance

Slowly build up your distance much like you would for a marathon. Like marathon training, you should incorporate short days and long training days each week.

3. Strength

If you fatigue during the race at the hips, trunk, or shoulders, your body will be more likely to break down and the last thing you want is aches, pains, or injuries. Avoid the hurt by adopting a resistance training routine that builds strength, stability and power.

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