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Weight Training for Runners

Scott Wachter

Since you run with your whole body and not just your legs, you need to strengthen it all in the weight room. This is especially important as you undertake a new goal like completing a half-marathon. Your weight workout can help reduce the risk for running injuries and increase strength and power that you need to finish faster. Here are a few key pointers:

Switch to Total-Body Workouts

If you’re training for your first half-marathon or 5K, you’re likely running farther and more frequently than usual. So you probably won’t have time to weight train more than a couple days a week. And that’s OK. Two or three resistance training sessions a week will help you maintain strength and reduce your risk for injury as you increase mileage.

Master the Basics

Stick with basic movements in which you push (e.g. bench press, squat) and pull (e.g. row, Romanian deadlift) with your upper body and lower body, as well as moves in which you rotate your torso (e.g. cable chop, cable lift).

Improve Your Posture

Be sure to include exercises that will improve your posture and core stabilization, such as pillar bridges and either cable lifts or cable chops in each training session. This will help you run tall, with your chest up, your shoulders back and stacked over your hips, and your eyes fixed along the horizon. So if you’re lifting weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for example, you might do chops on Monday and Friday and lifts on Wednesday, and then alternate the following week.

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