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When Good Skiing Conditions Turn Bad

Derek Purdy / flickr

Skiing can be enough of a challenge on a well-groomed mountain. Throw in some nasty conditions and your vacation suddenly turns into work. Here’s how to handle whatever the weather throws you:

Attack the Ice

In order to prevent sliding, you need to press down on the front of your skis, and, for that you need ankle flexion. Try a softer boot, which will take less effort to achieve the necessary bend, says Bill Reichelt, head ski coach at University of Vermont.

Ease Up With Slush, Powder, and Ungroomed Snow

All three elements mimic each other. They pile up on your skis and stop you without much warning. (Think of a shovel trying to go through slush.) To counteract the potential force and maintain your balance, lean slightly back onto your heels, Reichelt says.

Do More Front Squats

Front squats condition your thighs and hips, giving you a sturdier foundation on the slopes. Plus they help you develop the balance needed to keep your skis underneath you on unknown surfaces, says Marc Digesti, a performance specialist at Core Performance Center in Santa Monica, California. Watch this video to do it right. 

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