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5 Moves to Cool Down After a Workout

Get more out of your training by spending a few minutes at the end of every workout with Regeneration. A critical component to any training plan, Regeneration restores balance in your body, helping to relieve aches and pains while enhancing your body’s response to training. You’ll increase blood flow and work out the kinks in ailing muscles to speed up your body’s recovery process. Incorporate the movements below, courtesy of Athletes’ Performance physical therapist Anna Hartman, into your post-workout routine to make your workouts more effective and get ready for your next training session.

Rope Stretch - IT Band and Glute

Improve your flexibility and stretch the outside your hip with the help of a simple piece of equipment.

Foam Roll to Hamstring Stretch

This combination move will stretch and massage your hamstrings at the same time, just what you need after a challenging lower-body workout.

90-90 Stretch with Arm Sweep

Feel your torso open up with this upper-body stretch.

Rope Stretch – Quad/Hip Flexor

Give your quads and hip flexors a quality stretch with some gentle assistance from a rope.

Foam Roll – Lower Back

Soothe your sore back by working out the kinks with this one.

For more moves and expert advice to improve your recovery, visit our Regeneration section.

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