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Q&A: Are Super Flexible Runners More Injury-Prone?


Q: Can being super flexible make runners more prone to injury?

A: Superb flexibility doesn't necessarily make you more injury-prone unless you also lack stability. A combination of great mobility and poor stability is a recipe for injury because it's harder to control your movement when you run or do any activity.

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Tags: Injury Prevention, Flexibility, Injury, Pillar strength, Running


Q&A: How Do I Improve Hamstring Flexibility?

Dave Cruz

Q: How can I improve hamstring flexibility?

A: Muscles often tighten up because your body is trying to create stability where it's lacking. For instance, you might think your hamstrings are tight, but the underlying issue could be an unstable core. So if you simply improve the flexibility of a tight muscle, you may actually be removing your body's point of stability. As a result, your body can become more unstable, increasing your risk for injury.

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Tags: Dumbbells, Lower Body Pull, Injury Prevention, Stretching, Flexibility, Hamstrings


Knee Pain Lessons from Hall of Famer Andre Dawson

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

If athletes wonder what sports was like in the 1970s and 80s, when AstroTurf fields were common in the NFL and Major League Baseball and nobody had yet heard of core conditioning, they should consider the career of Andre Dawson.

The outfielder known as “The Hawk,” who was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame over the weekend, nearly retired early in his career because of knee injuries suffered while patrolling the AstroTurf outfield of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

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Tags: Back Pain, Injury Prevention, Baseball, Knee Pain


Sleepy Weekends, Thinner Kids

BananaStock / Thinkstock

Go ahead and let your children sleep in on weekends. It may help them avoid unhealthy weight gain, according to a 12-month study in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers found that kids who sleep in specifically on weekends and holidays tend to gain less weight than those who rise early.

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Tags: Rest, Sleep, Family, Health, Weight Loss


Better Recovery with Vibration Training

In this video, performance specialist Nick Winkelman explains how to use vibration training as part of your recovery or regeneration work. Check out the sample quadriceps massage shown in the video, and incorporate this innovative technique into your training program to help keep your body feeling fresh and ready for your next workout.

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Tags: Rest, Injury Prevention, Regeneration, Flexibility, Soreness, Relaxation, Vibration, Rehabilitation


Q&A: Are Saunas Good for You?

Getty Images

Q: Is there any benefit to spending time in the sauna? I notice my heart rate is elevated. Is there any cardio benefit? With an increased heart rate, do we enjoy some increased circulation and "cleaning" of waste products from muscles?

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Tags: Recovery, Q&A, Soreness, Relaxation


How to Succeed After Tommy John Surgery

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

With pitcher Billy Wagner joining the Boston Red Sox this week, the question of recovering from Tommy John surgery is once again on the minds of many baseball fans. Can pitchers fully recover after surgery? What can coaches, trainers and players do to help pitchers succeed after surgery?

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Tags: Injury, Baseball, Rehabilitation, Elbow Pain


Can Sleep Solve Your Problems?

SashaW / flickr

When you hit the sack at night, your brain doesn’t stop dealing with life’s toughest questions. Sleep scientists at the University of California, San Diego, found that the brain attempts to solve problems during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, a stage of deep slumber that’s associated with dreaming.

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Tags: Rest, Sleep, Tired


Q&A: Dealing With a Pain in the Neck

coyote jack / flickr

Q: I often have a sore, tight neck after work. What’s the proper way for me to stretch my neck before running or biking?

A: Stretching may feel good for a while, but it’s not necessarily what you need. Try this:

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Tags: Q&A, Neck, Work, Regeneration, Neck Pain, Massage Stick, Foam Roll, Prehab


Knowing Your Limits

If you like to push your limits in your workout, beware of signs that you're overdoing it, which can actually reverse your progress and raise your risk for injury. Learn the four signs of overtraining in this video with metabolic specialist Paul Robbins. Then check out the common questions below to determine if you're pushing yourself hard enough or just wasting your efforts. 

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