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Are You Stretching Enough?

Like most of us, Joe Kita knew he didn't stretch enough—the creaks from his body told him so every morning. But he had no idea how stretching more might change his life since he had never taken his flexibility seriously. When he found himself aboard a cruise ship for a month without a gym in sight, Joe decided to try something different. He finally committed to a flex plan. Follow his surprising discoveries about strength, stress, pain, and overall well-being in this 9-part series.

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How to Train on a Deadline

Recovery is never as important as it is when you’re facing a tight deadline, whether you’re training for a wedding, vacation or reunion. Along with your mindset, nutrition and movement, recovery plays a vital role during these times. But it’s easy to disregard.

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Napping the Month Away

If you aren't getting enough sleep, you're missing out. A good night's rest can improve your energy, trim your waistline and even make you a faster athlete. Contributing writer, Joe Kita, volunteered to add a nap to his daily routine for a month. With help from a sleep doctor, advances in nap technology and a visit to a "nap motel," he awoke with key takeaways to help you feel more refreshed and recharged. Follow his experiment in this 10-part series.

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The Hurry-Up Guide to Preventing Aches and Pains

Dave Cruz

Want to keep improving in the gym? Don’t get injured. If you stay healthy and train consistently, you’ll almost certainly improve. Simple enough, right?

Here’s the thing: Most injuries don’t happen by colliding with a tree or a 300-pound defender. They’re usually non-contact, meaning they result from doing too little physical activity, too much of the same activity, or just doing the wrong things in the gym.

In other words, most injuries are avoidable, but you need to work at avoiding them. No matter how busy your schedule, there are some simple things you can do every day to help prevent pain and injury—and keep making strides in your training program.

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Q&A: Sore Knee Solution

Coda2 / flickr

Q: I banged my knee falling off my bike and now it's sore just below the kneecap. How long should I lay off it, and do you have any recovery suggestions?

A: You could have done a number of things to your knee, from a slight bruise to a fractured patella. If you can barely move it, or there’s swelling, or pain is persistent for a couple weeks, then see a doctor to diagnose your injury.

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How to Loosen Up a Tight IT Band

Have you ever felt tightness along the outside of your thigh? That’s your iliotibial (IT) band, a long tissue that attaches at your knee and to a muscle called the tensor fascia latae (TFL) on your hip. Don’t worry, there’s no spelling quiz, but it’s important to understand the anatomy part because often times the IT band tightens up when your TFL is overused.

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Tags: Tightness, Regeneration, Foam Roll, Outer Thigh, Knee Pain, Hip Pain


4 Ways to Ease Sore Hamstrings

Sore hamstrings are common among runners, soccer players, and pretty much any athletes who use their legs. That doesn’t mean you should accept it. If you’re not sure what’s causing your hammies to hurt, then something has changed, and it might be obvious. Are your shoes worn out? Did you significantly increase your training volume? Did you start running on a different surface? If you answered "no" to each question, then you may be over-trained. Click on the slideshow for tips to ease the pain.

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Consequences of a Concussion

Monica's Dad / flickr

We’ve all heard the sad news reports regarding ex-NFL’ers struggles with post-concussion syndrome. But you may not have known that suffering just one concussion within your lifetime can hurt your physical and mental abilities for more than 30 years, states a new study in the journal Brain.

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Sidestep a Hamstring Pull

Contrary to popular belief, straining your hamstrings isn't necessarily a sign that you should have been stretching more. As athletic trainer Scott Kneller explains in this video, loosening up your hip flexors and strengthening your butt muscles can help protect your hamstrings from injury. They'll be less likely to overcompensate for weak glutes—and therfore, less likely to suffer a strain—by adding two moves to your Movement Prep routine. Kneller explains how to do them to help you avoid this painful injury.

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Tags: Injury Prevention, Injury, Rehabilitation, Hamstrings


Stronger Thighs, Healthier Knees


Sorry, having arthritic knees is no longer an excuse for skipping training sessions. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have recently found that bolstering your thigh muscles can relieve knee pain.

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