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The Worst Sports Injury for Female Athletes

StuSeeger / flickr

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are sending an increasingly high number of athletes to the sidelines, most of whom are female. Compared to males, women rupture their ACL (knee ligament) at a rate of 5:1. But movement prep may help protect your knees from this devastating injury.

Research published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine by researchers at the Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Research Foundation, showed a 74 percent decrease in the number of ACL injuries to female soccer players who performed movements that improve pillar strength and neuromuscular control through the hips and torso (a.k.a. movement prep) compared to athletes who did not follow the program.

So replace your traditional warm-up with a series of dynamic movements, or movement prep. In addition to preparing your muscles for activity and boosting long-term mobility and stability, movement prep may help protect you from this horrific knee injury. Spending just 5 to 10 minutes on movement prep every day is a small investment for a body that's more resilient to injury.

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