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Are You Stretching Enough?

Like most of us, Joe Kita knew he didn't stretch enough—the creaks from his body told him so every morning. But he had no idea how stretching more might change his life since he had never taken his flexibility seriously. When he found himself aboard a cruise ship for a month without a gym in sight, Joe decided to try something different. He finally committed to a flex plan. Follow his surprising discoveries about strength, stress, pain, and overall well-being in this 9-part series.

Why Stretch?

Imprisoned by his own inflexibility, contributing writer Joe Kita decides to take action.



Getting Stiffed When You Travel

On the first day of his stretching journey, writer Joe Kita finds himself trapped in the confines of inflexibility: an airplane.



Experimenting with Yoga

After his first morning yoga class, writer Joe Kita's already feeling at peace.



When Yoga Hurts

Yes, it's possible to get injured doing yoga. We explain why, so you can prevent it from happening to you.



Drink Water, Boost Flexibility

Looking for a simple way to improve your flexibility? Try a glass of water.



The Surprising Secret to Bigger Muscles and More Women

Two convincing reasons for guys to reconsider their thoughts on flexibility.



6 Reasons to Stretch Daily

After stretching for two weeks straight, writer Joe Kita takes note of the benefits he's experienced.



The Nonstop Flexibility Workout

A simple change to the way you stretch will have you improving your flexibility all day.



The Verdict on Stretching Daily

See how author Joe Kita emerges after nearly a month of daily stretching aboard a cruise ship.


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