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Consequences of a Concussion

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We’ve all heard the sad news reports regarding ex-NFL’ers struggles with post-concussion syndrome. But you may not have known that suffering just one concussion within your lifetime can hurt your physical and mental abilities for more than 30 years, states a new study in the journal Brain.

The researchers examined 40 former college athletes between the ages of 50 and 60. Of those, 19 had suffered a concussion more than 30 years ago, and 21 had no history of concussion. Compared to those who were concussion-free, the participants who’d been concussed in their early adulthood showed declines in attention and memory, as well as a slowing of some types of movement.

“This study shows that the effects of sports concussions in early adulthood persist beyond 30 years post-concussion and that it can cause cognitive and motor function alterations as the athletes age,” said lead-study author Louis De Beaumont, of the University of Montreal. “In light of these findings, athletes should be better informed about the cumulative and persistent effects of sports concussion on mental and physical processes, so that they know about the risks associated with returning to their sport.”

Save your brain now—and down the road—by wearing a bike helmet and taking other necessary precautions on the playing field. 

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