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How to Succeed After Tommy John Surgery

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

With pitcher Billy Wagner joining the Boston Red Sox this week, the question of recovering from Tommy John surgery is once again on the minds of many baseball fans. Can pitchers fully recover after surgery? What can coaches, trainers and players do to help pitchers succeed after surgery?

To help address these questions and explain why surgery is needed in the first place, Craig Friedman, director of methodology at Athletes' Performance, recently spoke with Patrick Sullivan of BaseballAnalysts.com. Friedman says there are both tactical and physical considerations to help pitchers returning from surgery, including:

  • Watching pitch count over multiple games to avoid overtaxing the body.
  • Improving recovery habits (sleep, soft-tissue work, etc) to better prepare pitchers for their next outing.
  • Identifying and shoring up the body's weak links to transfer force more efficiently and avoid placing uneven stress across the joints.

Read the full story at BaseballAnalysts.com.

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