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Napping the Month Away

If you aren't getting enough sleep, you're missing out. A good night's rest can improve your energy, trim your waistline and even make you a faster athlete. Contributing writer, Joe Kita, volunteered to add a nap to his daily routine for a month. With help from a sleep doctor, advances in nap technology and a visit to a "nap motel," he awoke with key takeaways to help you feel more refreshed and recharged. Follow his experiment in this 10-part series.



Do You Need a Nap?

A lack of sleep can lead to stress, poor health and disease. Writer Joe Kita commits to napping for a month to see if it will improve his life.

Why It's So Hard to Nap

Executing the rarely performed mid-day nap is harder than you might guess. Learn what not to do.

Napping Myths Debunked

Writer Joe Kita experiences a breakthrough in his nap experiment. Too bad he slept right through it.



Discovering the Power Nap

Only four days into his sleep experiment and Joe Kita has become really good at this napping thing. Maybe too good...

Convincing Your Boss to Let You Nap at Work

A step-by-step guide for tricking, er, showing your boss why it's critical that you sleep on the job.

The Pillow Ring, Nap Urinal and other Amazing Gizmos

7 gadgets that could help improve your sleep.

The Curious Case of the After-Nap Munchies

Insatiable hunger after you nap? Could be a sign that your diet is out of whack.

The World is Micro-Sleeping

A phenomenon called "micro-sleeping" may account for your unproductive moments. Find out how to avoid it.

Getting Melo at Yelo

We sent our stressed-out, sleep-deprived author to take a 40-minute nap in the middle of New York City. He awoke with a plan to help de-stress your life.

The Verdict on Napping

After a month of napping, Joe Kita shares his learnings on how and why to get more rest.


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