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Q&A: Foam Roll While Injured

Scott Wachter

Q: I have a minor calf muscle pull, and a tender IT band. Will the foam roll help me recover, or should I wait until I heal?

A: Foam rolling is a great way to alleviate trigger points and restore normal range of motion. However, in an acute injury process like a calf strain, it's best to wait until the acute phase is over so the body can repair itself. Once the body has laid down the healing tissues, you can then foam roll to help realign the tissues and improve your mobility.

As far as the IT band, this is one of the most tender areas to foam roll and unless recently injured, continue a slow progression of foam rolling. A good way to progress is by placing more pressure on the foam roll and by spending more time rolling the entire IT band from the hip bone to outside of the knee. Over time, you'll relieve symptoms and progress with greater mobility.

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