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Q&A: When’s the Best Time for Regeneration?

Dave Cruz

Q: Is it best to perform my regeneration moves immediately after my workout or can I do them later in the day?

A: The Regeneration component in Core Performance training programs is a series of exercises, but regeneration is also a lifestyle philosophy, a recognition that you need to plan ways to recover—mentally and physically—in all areas of your life.

The series of regeneration exercises in Core Performance workouts typically includes activities like self-massage with a foam roll or gentle stretching with a stretch rope to help your muscles recover faster from the stress of exercise.

The best time to perform regeneration is immediately after you work out. Waste products build up around your muscles during training sessions, which can cause damage if they remain in your system. Regeneration helps flush out waste products and replace them with fresh oxygenated blood, so your muscles receive the nutrients they need to repair themselves.

It’s OK to perform regeneration movements a few hours after your workout, but it’s best to remove these waste products as soon as possible. If you need to, end your workout a few minutes early so you have time left for your regeneration routine. You’ll recover better from exercise and see greater gains as a result.

Click here for a sample 5-10 minute regeneration routine >

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