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Success Stories

Find inspiration and see how people have transformed their lives using the Core Performance system.

Success Stories

How One EXOS Coach Helped a Pro Soccer Team Reach New Heights

Benjamin Kugel

As a fitness coach with the German men's national team and EXOS since 2010, Benjamin Kugel's made his mark with both the EXOS team and the Germany players. In 2013, he took his career one step further and accepted the role as head of performance for German club team FC Köln. After just one year under Kugel's guidance, FC Köln won the 2nd division Bundesliga league title and will move up to the top Bundesliga division next season.

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Success Stories

How One Runner Qualified for the Boston Marathon by Running Less

Ann Marie Piotrowski running a race.

Name: Ann Marie Piotrowski
Age: 31
Occupation: HR analyst for Walgreens
Goal: Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Ann Marie Piotrowski was ready to get serious. After completing three Chicago Marathons—the first as a “bucket list” quest, the next two out of love—Piotrowski did what successful people do. She set herself a tough goal: Boston’s 26.2-mile race. She needed to shave over 30 minutes off her best time to qualify for the famous Massachusetts miler, to conquer its 3:35 entry standard.

“I didn’t think I would come close this year, so I told myself—just break the four-hour mark and then knock it down from there,” says Piotrowski, a natural athlete who has indulged in a heavy dose of athletics since early childhood.

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Success Stories

What It's Like to Walk a Marathon

Jaimie Nicoll walking the San Francisco marathon.

If you think it’s hard to complete a marathon in less than three hours, try finishing one in over seven hours. Walking a marathon has unique mental, physical, and emotional challenges compared to running the race.

"My goal was to do something outside of my comfort zone and finish the marathon at my own pace," said Jaimie Nicoll, 34, a customer service professional in Halifax, Nova Scotia, who recently completed the San Francisco marathon in seven hours and four minutes.

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Success Stories

What Members Are Saying About Our Training Programs

Dave Cruz

We love hearing from everyone who uses our online training programs, and we decided to share some of the success stories we receive so that their success might inspire your success. Use the achievements below as motivation to write your own transformation story. If you're not a member yet, try one of our training programs free for 10 days, and tell us how you like it!

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Success Stories

How One Former Runner Rediscovered Her Inner Athlete

Megan Walsh works out during her lunch break at Intel's Core Performance Center.

Megan Walsh
Age: 38
Hometown: Chandler, Arizona
Occupation: Marketing Manager, Intel

The Challenge

In high school, Megan Walsh thrived on the hard work and team camaraderie that volleyball, swimming, basketball, and soccer provided. To stay fit as an adult, she spent her free time hiking, rock climbing, and snowboarding.

As her career took off, Walsh had less and less time for fitness (sound familiar?), so she worked hard during the week in the office and used her weekends for working out and participating in races. In May 2008, Walsh was out on a training ride in preparation for an upcoming triathlon. As she was biking home, she was hit by a car.

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Success Stories

Employees at C&S Wholesale Grocers Achieve Healthy Goals with Core Performance

In late 2010, C&S Wholesale Grocers tapped Core Performance, a leader in corporate wellness, to ignite healthy change within a team of workers on the front lines of their operation—an operation larger than any other food wholesaler in the nation.

Core Performance implemented an innovative program that centered on employee-led workouts via a train-the-trainer conceit, with additional tools to improve in areas such as healthy eating and effective recovery habits.

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Success Stories

Healthy Body, Active Dad

Jeff Buckhannon hiking Paria Canyon in southern Utah.

Jeff Buckhannon
Age: 39
Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
Occupation: Factory Operations, Semi-Conductor Industry, Intel

The Challenge

An athletic guy in his early years, Jeff Buckhannon never had an issue controlling his weight. He could pretty much eat what he wanted and his daily activity would burn off the calories. But as life became hectic—a wife, baby and work—he started to slow down and developed unhealthy eating habits. Buckhannon soon found himself overweight, inactive, and in pain.

In early 2010, his son’s Boy Scout troop asked him to chaperone a backpacking trip in southern Utah. The trip would take them on a 50-mile hike through Paria Canyon. He immediately jumped at the chance to spend some quality time with his son.

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Success Stories

Dylan Reese's Road to the NHL

Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

Dylan Reese
Age: 25
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Occupation: NHL hockey player

The Challenge

Dylan Reese had just graduated from a Pittsburgh area high school in the summer of 2003 when his father Barry sent him to Athletes' Performance in Arizona. Dylan, then 18, was a seventh-round draft pick of the New York Rangers, another kid with a dream of one day playing in the National Hockey League.

Barry Reese had read articles in USA Today and Sports Illustrated about Mark Verstegen, Athletes' Performance, and the training philosophy that soon would be known as Core Performance. He figured the program could help Dylan be a more effective college player at Harvard.

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Success Stories

Second Chance Marathoner

Caleb Brown crossing the finish line at the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon.

Caleb Brown
Age: 28
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Writer

The Challenge

Although he had participated in high school and college sports (football, track, lacrosse), Caleb Brown viewed running as his least favorite activity. While he excelled at sprinting, his asthma kicked in when he tried running long distances. In college, a teammate asked him to run, so they did 2 miles. When he attempted a third mile, he got sick.

This solidified his decision to eliminate endurance sports from his life. While sitting at home in Texas one day, he got bored and decided to get out and exercise. He walked/jogged 10 miles. For the next 40 days, he continued to walk/run 10 miles a day.

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Success Stories

Climbing to New Heights

Julie Tobias climbing Louise Falls in Alberta, Canada.

Julie Tobias
Hometown: Malibu, CA
Occupation: Business co-owner

The Challenge

Like many people fighting the effects of aging, Julie Tobias was determined not to let the onslaught of passing birthdays keep her from adventure. She skied steeper slopes than she’d ever attempted in her youth and fell in love with the rush of ice climbing in her early 40s.

In 2006, while skiing Austria's back country, Tobias' guide pointed out a particularly long, interesting, and challenging route. When she inquired if they could take the path, the guide told her she wasn’t fit enough to do more than half of the course.

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