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Success Stories

Find inspiration and see how people have transformed their lives using the Core Performance system.

Success Stories

A Fitter Fitness Professional

Christine Kwok hold up the medal from her latest Ironman competition.

Christine Kwok
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Occupation: Fitness and wellness consultant

The Challenge

Like many in the fitness industry, Christine Kwok sometimes finds it difficult to fit training into her daily routine. A full roster of clients takes up much of her day. Her personal workouts tend to get interrupted by people in the gym looking for quick advice, which could turn a one-hour session into a three-hour one.

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Success Stories

One Road Warrior’s Game Plan

Bill working on his Energy System Development at Core Performance Center in Santa Monica, Calif.

Bill Anderson
Age: 51
Hometown: Santa Monica, California
Occupation: Chairman and CEO, First Beverage Capital

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Success Stories

Fewer Miles, Better Performance

Brad Kluck cycling.

Brad Kluck
Age: 41
Hometown: Los Angeles
Occupation: Filmmaker

The Challenge

Brad Kluck has been racing bikes since he was 13 and has competed in triathlons for the last decade. As a busy filmmaker and newlywed, he was looking for a program that could complement his existing endurance training and fit into his hectic schedule.

Kluck learned of the Core Performance program when his company did some work for the Core Performance Center (CPC) in Santa Monica, California. Training at CPC, he wanted to decrease the inevitable pain that comes from long periods spent in the riding position.

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Success Stories

How One Guy Eased Pain and Raised His Golf Game

Name: Jay Lavender
Age: 34
Hometown: Los Angeles
Occupation: Writer

The Challenge

Jay Lavender woke up on the morning of April 23 with agonizing pain in his neck. He attributed it to twelve years of poor posture, hunching over a computer.

“Between that posture, a lack of flexibility, and trying to overcompensate for all of the stress in my neck and shoulders, it was the perfect storm waiting to happen,” Lavender says. “I thought, ‘I can’t be this way. I’m active. I can’t start to have neck and back problems at my age’.”

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Tags: Success Story, Injury, Neck, Neck Pain, Outdoor Recreation

Success Stories

Fueling Herself for the Field

Vicky Arthur
Age: 18
Hometown: Kensington, Md.
Occupation: Student athlete, University of Connecticut

The Challenge

Vicky Arthur was a 13-year-old eighth grader when she received a copy of the original Core Performance book in 2004.

Back then, her sport of choice was rock climbing and she competed at a high level across the country. The Core Performance program helped her create the stability and mobility needed to excel in a demanding sport that requires both. As she advanced to high school, her focus turned to team sports and field hockey, where core conditioning was equally important.

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Success Stories

Feel Like an Athlete Again

Kirsten Gross on the tennis court.

Kirsten Gross
Age: 31
Hometown: Santa Monica, Ca.
Occupation: Director of Corporate Compliance

The Challenge

Kirsten Gross always had been an elite-level tennis player, first as a competitive junior player and later at Yale. But after graduating in 2000, she became immersed in the corporate world, earning an MBA at Southern Cal in 2007. Working long hours, she soon found herself 20 pounds heavier and feeling anything but like an athlete.

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Success Stories

Time-Saving Training Plan

Fred Rzymek
Age: 56
Hometown: Safety Harbor, Florida
Occupation: Outside facilities technician, telecommunications industry

The Challenge

Fred Rzymek is a busy guy. When he’s not installing and repairing phone, Internet, and television services for a major telecommunications company, he’s running a screen printing business and operating a race management company that puts on three triathlons and numerous running races in the Tampa Bay area. Other race directors hire him to assist with their events.

A triathlete himself since 1983, Rzymek (pronounced “RIZZ-mick”) finds time to compete in six to eight events a year, usually finishing among the top five in his age group. But with a grueling work schedule and a training regimen of running, swimming, cycling, and spin classes, his performance has suffered in recent years.

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Success Stories

Getting Back to My “Drivers License Weight”

Warren Gorowitz running the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.

Warren Gorowitz 
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Vice President, Ewing Irrigation Products

The Challenge

Warren Gorowitz spends 80 percent of his time on the road overseeing a company with 195 stores in 22 states, along with educating the public and government officials on water conservation.

That makes him a very busy road warrior who sometimes struggles to eat right and fit in runs. He belongs to two national gym chains, but admits he’s often inclined to wing it when it comes to his distance running. He entered his first half marathon (13.1 miles) having never run more than a 10K (6.2 miles) and embarked upon his first marathon in January 2008 having never attempted a distance longer than the half marathon.

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Success Stories

Conquering Kilimanjaro

Linda and Ramon Nunez at Mt. Kilimanjaro.

As Linda and Ramon Nunez approached their final destination—the peak of Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro—they were suddenly filled with elation, excitement, and an unexpected burst of energy. 

At 19,340 feet above sea level, Ramon scanned the vast African landscape from the peak on his 59th birthday and realized the immense accomplishment he'd achieved.

The couple had just spent the day trekking the final seven miles to reach the place they'd only been imagining since they decided to attempt the treacherous hike and began training with Athletes' Performance.

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Success Stories

Squashing Fear with Sport

naemick / flickr

At the start of this year, I set a goal of completing eight sprint-distance triathlons. The idea was to do eight races in 2008, when I would be 38 for most of the year. On October 25, I reached the milestone, finishing race No.8, the Suncoast Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Fla. Having just taken up the sport in September of 2007, not long after the publication of Core Performance Endurance, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. I couldn’t have imagined, however, the lessons I would learn along the way.

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