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A Fitter Fitness Professional

Christine Kwok hold up the medal from her latest Ironman competition.

Christine Kwok
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Occupation: Fitness and wellness consultant

The Challenge

Like many in the fitness industry, Christine Kwok sometimes finds it difficult to fit training into her daily routine. A full roster of clients takes up much of her day. Her personal workouts tend to get interrupted by people in the gym looking for quick advice, which could turn a one-hour session into a three-hour one.

Kwok had read Mark Verstegen’s original Core Performance book and had planned to visit Athletes’ Performance in Arizona for one of the company’s mentorship weeks, but never fit it into her busy schedule. So she was thrilled when the first Core Performance Center opened near her home in Santa Monica, California.

It could not have come at a better time. A year ago, while training for a half Ironman triathlon, she collided with an automobile at the end of a group cycling ride. That led to a number of issues, including an atrophied right glute, pain in the right knee, and some pelvic rotation, all of which affected her gait.

The Results

Already familiar with the program from reading Core Performance, Kwok was a quick study at Core Performance Center. The integrated program helped her work out her imbalances, activate her glutes, and alleviate the pain in her right knee.

Kwok completed a 12-week triathlon program at Core Performance Center and worried that the focus on core strength and conditioning would affect her race times since she logged fewer miles biking and running.

Instead, the opposite happened. She felt more power, especially on the bike and in the pool, even though she was putting in less time on the sport’s three disciplines. In July, she completed the Ironman 70.3 Vineman race in Santa Rosa, California, and plans to do the half-Iron distance event again in 2010. Only a pair of flat tires kept her from finishing well ahead of her projected time.

“I thought I would have had an average time on the bike, but I actually had a very good one,” she says. “The increased power has made all of the difference.”

Kwok is able to train at Core Performance Center in the middle of the day, when most of her clients are at work, and incorporates everything she learns into her work. She trains without distractions three to five times a week, getting everything done in an hour.

“I was doing a lot of functional strength training with clients already, but I’ve learned more new moves and cues to engage the muscles,” she says. “It’s made a huge difference and now I can share that with others.”

About The Author

Pete Williams – Pete Williams is a contributing writer for CorePerformance.com and the co-author of the Core Performance book series.

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