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Employees at C&S Wholesale Grocers Achieve Healthy Goals with Core Performance

In late 2010, C&S Wholesale Grocers tapped Core Performance, a leader in corporate wellness, to ignite healthy change within a team of workers on the front lines of their operation—an operation larger than any other food wholesaler in the nation.

Core Performance implemented an innovative program that centered on employee-led workouts via a train-the-trainer conceit, with additional tools to improve in areas such as healthy eating and effective recovery habits.

These employees lift thousands of pounds per day over about 12 to 14 hours, so you can imagine the intense physical demands they face. "Employees decreased pain and body fat, increased energy, and improved quality of life outside of work—all while improving on-the-job performance," says Marissa O'Neil, a performance specialist at Core Performance. "The strategies we taught them are now part of their lifestyle, and what's more exciting is that they're educating others outside of the pilot program."

While we all face similar challenges that can keep our goals at a distance, with the help of Core Performance, C&S has stacked the odds of success in their employees' favor. The profiles below highlight how Core Performance is helping the men and women who keep C&S running strong.

The Leader: Tyler Rindock

As a trainer, Tyler Rindock, 29, is responsible for teaching new hires how to be all-stars on the job. That job is order selecting, which requires workers to traverse a large warehouse on a pallet jack, stacking hundreds of crates of food on a pallet so that it can be packaged and sent off to grocery stores and other contractors.

"I tell the trainees that they need to protect their bodies," Rindock says. "I might have a guy who is the best worker we ever had come through the place, but physically, if his body isn’t conditioned properly and he isn’t moving correctly he's going to wreck himself in six months and leave.”

Personally, Rindock solved one of his biggest physical complaints—foot pain. Rindock was hurting his feet while getting on and off his jack incorrectly. But when he was taught how to properly place his foot on the jack's platform, the result blew his mind.

Thanks to these body-saving solutions, Rindock’s best trainees won't burn out after six months. “The training I pass on can now be utilized for the long-term because my guys are stronger and hungry for more.”

The Trimmed Trainer: Matt Ricks

While he was already in good shape, Matt Ricks, 27, knew that there were things he could do differently. Thanks to the nutrition tactics from Core Performance, Ricks has learned to properly hydrate his body.

“You see guys dehydrated in the warehouse during the summer," says Ricks. "They're drinking Mountain Dew on top of energy drinks on top of 5-Hour Energy shots. Yeah, they’re drinking, but there’s no lasting hydration there.”

By drinking 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day, he’s able to stay alert and physically charged throughout his shift.

Even better, by following the Core Performance program, Ricks was able to lower his body fat to a fit 9.5 percent.

“A lot of people haven’t converted their diets all the way yet, but they started making subtle nutritional changes that seem to be leading to long-term solutions," says Ricks. "The longer Core Performance is with us, the more we can implement.”

The Invigorated Veteran: Steven Dennis

For Steven Dennis, 54, the physical demands of working at C&S were taking a toll on his body and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could handle running alongside men half his age.

“When Core Performance came in, I really didn’t know how much it would help me. But I knew it couldn’t hurt, so I followed their plan," says Dennis. "So how much did it help? Well, I now plan on staying for years to come—to be the oldest selector the company has ever had.”

His success was anchored by a huge boost in energy and the ability to recover and rejuvenate after his four-day-on workweek schedule. Instead of spending the following three days on the couch or in bed, sleeping off the discomfort, Dennis is more active.

“It was my biggest physical complaint—overwhelming tiredness. I used to feel like I needed a crane to come lift me out of bed," says Dennis. "Now that I'm exercising, stretching, and eating right, my muscles can better handle the workload and recover faster. And yes, I now can get right out of bed when I wake. And I attribute it to Core Performance.”

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