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Success Stories

Feel Like an Athlete Again

Kirsten Gross on the tennis court.

Kirsten Gross
Age: 31
Hometown: Santa Monica, Ca.
Occupation: Director of Corporate Compliance

The Challenge

Kirsten Gross always had been an elite-level tennis player, first as a competitive junior player and later at Yale. But after graduating in 2000, she became immersed in the corporate world, earning an MBA at Southern Cal in 2007. Working long hours, she soon found herself 20 pounds heavier and feeling anything but like an athlete.

“I was just in what you’d call a rut,” she says. “I could not get myself motivated to work out or eat healthy.”

Where once she considered herself to have defined, muscular legs, she now simply had larger legs. She joined a prominent beach club that featured paddle tennis but went infrequently. When she did go, she felt sluggish and slow on the court.

In February, a friend asked her to accompany her to Core Performance Center. Gross went along for support, having no intention of embarking on a new program herself.

Her Results

Gross visited Core Performance Center on a Saturday and was immediately sold on the program. She began two days later, on Feb. 9, and transformed her body in six months, losing 20 pounds and significant body fat. She decreased her cholesterol, overhauled her nutrition plan, and began a routine of taking a multi-vitamin and fish oil for the first time ever.

Training at Core Performance Center (CPC) four days a week, she began to feel like an athlete again, especially when she’d hit the beach club and play paddle tennis. “A lot of them would say, ‘You look amazing. What have you been doing,’” she says. “I’ve referred a lot of them to CPC.”

Paddle tennis is played on a smaller court than tennis. The net is lower, the racquet is smaller, and the ball depressurized, but the skill set required is similar.

Before embarking on the Core Performance program, Gross occasionally would have shoulder problems playing paddle tennis, an ailment dating back to her time at Yale. By following the integrated system, the pain has gone away.

“I’m building all of the muscles instead of just playing tennis and bashing my shoulder,” she says.

The Core Performance program has given Gross her legs back, literally and figuratively. Paddle tennis colleagues have noticed that she can move around the court more. She’s lost inches around her waist and thighs, to the point where her clothes are too big. But she’s holding off on purchasing a new wardrobe because she still feels she’s not quite where she wants to be.

“I don’t want to spend the money yet because I know I can still go further,” she says. “But it’s already nice to have my pants loose around the legs. The big thing is that I consider myself an athlete again.”

About The Author

Pete Williams – Pete Williams is a contributing writer for CorePerformance.com and the co-author of the Core Performance book series.

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