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Success Stories

Healthy Body, Active Dad

Jeff Buckhannon hiking Paria Canyon in southern Utah.

Jeff Buckhannon
Age: 39
Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
Occupation: Factory Operations, Semi-Conductor Industry, Intel

The Challenge

An athletic guy in his early years, Jeff Buckhannon never had an issue controlling his weight. He could pretty much eat what he wanted and his daily activity would burn off the calories. But as life became hectic—a wife, baby and work—he started to slow down and developed unhealthy eating habits. Buckhannon soon found himself overweight, inactive, and in pain.

In early 2010, his son’s Boy Scout troop asked him to chaperone a backpacking trip in southern Utah. The trip would take them on a 50-mile hike through Paria Canyon. He immediately jumped at the chance to spend some quality time with his son.

After deciding to go on the trip, Buckhannon became increasingly concerned about his ability to complete the hike. With his weight skyrocketing and no fitness program, he wasn’t in the proper shape to take on such a grueling physical challenge.

In fact, the Boy Scouts of America wouldn’t allow anyone with a BMI of more than 25 to go on the hike for safety reasons—and Buckhannon was way over the limit. Worried about disappointing his son by not going or embarrassing him by being the weakest link, Buckhannon decided to make a change.

“I wanted to be a good father, and I knew I would need to not only change the way I felt about myself but also the way I looked,” he said.

The Results

With concerns of disappointing his son looming over him, Buckhannon decided to take advantage of a new Core Performance corporate wellness program being offered by his employer, Intel.

In April 2010, he started his program with the help of performance specialist Nick Anthony. He shared with Anthony that his motivation behind joining the program was to hike with his son. Anthony quickly devised a fitness plan for Buckhannon, and the two began working out immediately. Workouts focused on strengthening Buckhannon’s total body and working on the treadmill (set at incline levels) to prepare him for the uphill terrain.

Along with his physical training, Buckhannon kicked his soda habit and learned how to eat a more balanced diet. He began to see changes in his body quickly. Buckhannon no longer felt rundown, tired and sluggish. Plus, he quit snoring and was finally able to touch his toes after years of limited mobility and flexibility.

Three and a half months after starting his program, Buckhannon was ready to conquer Paria Canyon. Along with the other chaperones, the Boy Scouts, and his son, Buckhannon set out on a four-day, 50-mile trek.

He felt strong on the journey and had no physical pain during the hike. While there were times that he felt like he couldn’t take another step, Buckhannon pushed through. He remembered his training and trusted his body. To his surprise, he was the leader of the pack at times throughout the hike, and his son was proud. He commented on how strong his dad was hiking.

Said Buckhannon: “Without Core Performance, my fitness goals and my ability to create a lasting memory with my son wouldn’t have been possible.”

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