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Success Stories

How One Guy Eased Pain and Raised His Golf Game

Name: Jay Lavender
Age: 34
Hometown: Los Angeles
Occupation: Writer

The Challenge

Jay Lavender woke up on the morning of April 23 with agonizing pain in his neck. He attributed it to twelve years of poor posture, hunching over a computer.

“Between that posture, a lack of flexibility, and trying to overcompensate for all of the stress in my neck and shoulders, it was the perfect storm waiting to happen,” Lavender says. “I thought, ‘I can’t be this way. I’m active. I can’t start to have neck and back problems at my age’.”

For the next six weeks, Lavender underwent physical therapy and worked with a chiropractor. While sitting in a doctor’s office in Santa Monica, Calif., he saw a commercial for the nearby Core Performance Center. He later visited the Web site and initially balked at the costs.

“Then I thought about how much money I spend on golf and travel,” he said. “What price would I put on my health? Without that, it’s tough to play golf, travel, and enjoy life.”

The Results

Lavender had tried other workout regimens, but struggled to stay committed beyond a month or two because of work demands and travel.

The first month was a challenge. Like many newcomers to the program, Lavender found the movements awkward. But by the middle of the second month, he turned a corner. The neck pain began to dissipate. Always a night owl previously, he found himself getting up earlier.

Best of all, he’s playing better, pain-free golf.

“I’m hitting the ball further, feeling better at the end of a round, and feel better overall,” says Lavender, a 2-handicap and former collegiate golfer who hopes to start competing in amateur tournaments.

Lavender gained six pounds of muscle in his first two months on the program. He’s trying to fit the Core Performance routine into his packed road schedule, but thus far has stuck with the program longer than any previous endeavor.

“I’ve always been pretty productive,” Lavender says. “The difference now is that I have more energy. I had never figured out a balance between work, exercise, and golf. This has helped me find that balance.”

As painful as that morning in April was, he’s now grateful for it.

“I can say now that hurting my neck is the best thing that’s happened to me,” he says. “It’s a turning point in my life in how I take care of myself and who I want to be. I have seen great results and just love the spirit and philosophy of the program.”

About The Author

Pete Williams – Pete Williams is a contributing writer for CorePerformance.com and the co-author of the Core Performance book series.

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