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Success Stories

One Road Warrior’s Game Plan

Bill working on his Energy System Development at Core Performance Center in Santa Monica, Calif.

Bill Anderson
Age: 51
Hometown: Santa Monica, California
Occupation: Chairman and CEO, First Beverage Capital

The Challenge

With chronic pain in his right knee and two herniated discs in the base of his neck, Bill Anderson had found it difficult in recent years to thrive in his two favorite sports: golf and distance running.

He had tried yoga and Pilates, various personal trainers, and while all were helpful, none provided the long-term solution he was seeking to deal with the effects of long hours seated in planes and hunched over a computer.

Traveling two to three weeks a month and dining with a disproportionate share of clients from the beer industry, it was often a challenge to eat clean on the road.

But mostly Anderson was looking for a way to perform better in golf. His swing instructor had stressed that Anderson needed to move his “bigger muscles” rather than thinking in terms of his arms and hands. It was a concept that didn’t click until he read Core Performance Golf, realizing that all power comes from the hips, midsection and shoulders.

He enrolled at the Core Performance Center near his home in Santa Monica looking to further improve his situation.

The Results

By following the Core Performance program, Anderson felt less pain in his neck and back and for the first time understood the power of the core and how that translated to golf.

“My posture and setup is much better,” Anderson says. “I have a more athletic posture and I’m able to engage my core muscles in the downswing. I never had a core to engage before. Now I’m much stronger. I’m hitting longer and when I do miss a shot, the range of error is much smaller.”

Since he’s on the road as much as he’s at home, he’s managed to work the program into his routine while traveling. His road warrior nutrition already was pretty good, but the program has helped him take it up a notch.

Anderson lost eight pounds, down to 174, and went from 17 percent to 13 percent body fat. His waist quickly went from a 34 to a 32. He found that he paid even more attention to what he ate on the road.

“I think the better shape you’re in, the more you pay attention to nutrition,” he says. “I’m diligent about taking shake mixes and healthy snacks on the road. I know if I’m not prepared and I go five or six hours on a flight, my discipline gets very poor.”

The knee has made marked improvements and Anderson plans to get back to running. He also hopes to take up skiing more avidly.

“Whether you’re talking golf or skiing, this program anchors your butt and legs and I already can tell how beneficial it will be for skiing,” he says. “Whether it’s getting back to sports I haven’t been doing or trying new ones, this program will give me a platform to perform well.”

About The Author

Pete Williams – Pete Williams is a contributing writer for CorePerformance.com and the co-author of the Core Performance book series.

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