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Success Stories

What Members Are Saying About Our Training Programs

Dave Cruz

We love hearing from everyone who uses our online training programs, and we decided to share some of the success stories we receive so that their success might inspire your success. Use the achievements below as motivation to write your own transformation story. If you're not a member yet, try one of our training programs free for 10 days, and tell us how you like it!

I’m 49 years old and just completed a 15-week pre-season golf workout program. I feel better prepared than ever for the golf season! It's a whole new ballgame. I can actually get into the positions my teaching pros have been harping on. I highly recommend the pre-season golf program for any "maturing" golfer!

—Bob P.

"I still have about 30 pounds to go, but Core Performance helped me lose the first 60+; more important, it’s really helped me appreciate the importance of exercise for weight loss and health."

—Erica S.

"I have been working out for more than 25 years lifting weights, and after following the Core Performance workouts I believe my overall level of fitness is at an all-time high. My core is the strongest it has ever been."

—Michael C.

"I could compare my current physical transformation to the emotion and sensation THE HULK must have endured. I literally feel like I'm stretching out of my own skin. Thank you, Core Performance. And that's only after six weeks. I started Phase 3 today and WOW! Pull-ups with weights rock!"

—Robert V.

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