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5 Ways to Use Technology to Hit Your Fitness Goals

Ready to make this an outstanding year? Here are some simple ways to use the technology at your fingertips to reach your health and fitness goals:

1. Put your goals where you can see them.

New Year’s resolutions have a tendency to disappear a few days into January, so put your goals where you can see them. We recommend putting “I WILL…” and your resolution on the homepage of your computer, your mobile device, and your monitor at work so that your goals are in your face every time you power up your machine, make a phone call, or check your email.

2. Tweet your progress.

Social media is a great tool to help support your resolution. Start out by announcing a measurable, attainable goal with a deadline (ideally the first quarter of 2012) and recruit Facebook friends and tweeps who can help support your initiative by training with you, sharing healthy recipes, providing you with extra motivation at work, or simply not tempting you with treats along the way. Tweet your goal @coreperformance or write on our Facebook wall so that we can offer support and encouragement.

3. Celebrate!

Social media is also a great tool to demonstrate progress and celebrate success. Too often we talk about resolutions failed but not enough about what has been accomplished. So if you run your first 5k, lose your first two pounds, or simply have more energy to play with your kids, celebrate it! Celebrating generates momentum and helps keep you motivated to achieve your next goal.

4. Track your performance.

Whether you track your run with an app on your phone, use an online workout tracker, or log your daily food intake on your computer, technology can help you keep track of your performance and identify trends to help you better succeed. Core Performance tracking and reporting tools allow you to track your weight, energy levels, quality of sleep, pain and soreness, productivity, overall mood, impact on others, and willingness to train. Fill in your trackers daily and see your progress charted over time in your Reports section. Become a member to access these tools for free.

5. Schedule your workout like an appointment.

Scheduling your workouts like you would other meetings or appointments (and sticking to them) is imperative when you consider your busy schedule. Carve out time on your calendar and identify a support team to help you make it a reality. Your family, co-workers, assistant, significant others, and friends should all be aware of your commitment so they don’t see your workout time as “free time,” but rather as regularly scheduled appointments.

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Mark Verstegen – An internationally-recognized leader and innovator in the world of athletic performance training, Mark Verstegen is the founder and president of EXOS.

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