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The Performance Life

Mark Verstegen and a team of experts and writers provide useful strategies to perform great, while talking about their own goals and challenges as they practice the Core Performance tenets in their daily lives.

The Performance Life

Best App for Runners

adidas has just released a free miCoach app to ramp up your cardio training. The app uses GPS and real-time audio coaching to guide you through your workouts.

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Tags: Cardio, Running, Conditioning, Energy System Development, Outdoor Recreation

The Performance Life

Best Mid-Year Fitness Advice


We’re halfway through 2010. Are you on track to meet your health and performance goals for the year? To help, we’ve rounded up the latest tips from the month of June, plus our best fitness and nutrition advice from the first half of the year...in case you missed it.

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The Performance Life

Riding Strong at Age 70

Sandy Scott riding along the water.

Five years ago, Sandy Scott broke his C-1 vertebra in a cycling competition at the age of 65. Most people who suffer such a broken neck die instantly or shortly thereafter. Scott not only survived, he refused to undergo a recommended surgical procedure that would have killed him or severely restricted his mobility. Instead, he underwent physical therapy and got back on his bike. He has not lost any masters cycling race he has entered since 2007, winning not just his age group but routinely finishing ahead of all competitors within 20 years of his age (70).

Scott, a former commercial airline pilot who lives in St. Petersburg, Fla., chronicles his remarkable comeback in his new book From Broken Neck to Broken Records and recently spoke with CorePerformance.com.

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Tags: Cycling, Goals, Success Story, Motivation, Outdoor Recreation, Longevity, Injury

The Performance Life

What It's Like to Raise a Big Leaguer

Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images

Jason Heyward is 20 years old, not even three years removed from his high school graduation, yet he’s quickly become the most exciting rookie in Major League Baseball. At 6-foot-5, 245 pounds, with tremendous all-around skills and uncanny plate discipline for a big man, he's drawn comparisons to everyone from Hank Aaron to Albert Pujols. These days, it's hard to imagine how 13 teams passed on Heyward in the 2007 draft before the hometown Braves took him with the 14th pick.

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The Performance Life

6 Managerial Lessons from Bobby Cox

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Bobby Cox will retire as manager of the Atlanta Braves at the end of the 2010 season after a 30-year career that has included two stints in Atlanta and a four-year stop in Toronto, where he managed the Blue Jays. He also served as the Braves general manager from 1985-1990.

He'll retire with at least one World Series championships (1995), 14 consecutive division titles (1991-2005) and with more wins than all but three men ever to manage in Major League Baseball.

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The Performance Life

Best Advice to Kickstart the Year

altrendo images / Getty Images

With one month in the books, are you any closer to achieving your health and performance goals for 2010? To help, we’ve rounded up our best tips, recipes, and workouts from the past month in cased you missed any of it.

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The Performance Life

Hanging on by Her Core Strength

Amber Monson glides through the air, twenty feet from the floor, suspended from the rafters by only two long strands of fabric. There is no safety net.

She wraps herself in intricate knots, stretching and twisting into seemingly impossible positions, then plunging toward the ground in a death-defying roll with the silk curling wildly through the air.

Known as “aerial silks,” it’s a mesmerizing combination of grace, core strength, flexibility, and athleticism right out of Cirque du Soleil.

Monson, a self-described adrenaline junkie and rock climber from Atlanta, took up silks several years ago when she found it difficult to get to the mountains regularly.

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Tags: Women

The Performance Life

Rave Reviews from CES for adidas miCoach


A new coaching tool from adidas, called miCoach (pronounced “my coach”), has made a huge splash at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

miCoach is the latest—and most impressive—in an ever-expanding market of personal training gadgets. It lets you set a goal (say, run a 5K or lose weight) and then provides real-time audio coaching.

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Tags: Weight Loss, Gear, Race, Triathlon, Motivation, Walking, Running

The Performance Life

Hardcore Performance Playlist

Julianne Erikson is a performance specialist at the Core Performance Center in Santa Monica, California. She spends her day motivating the members and helping them train as efficiently as possible. But who's job is it to motivate her? That's where her intense playlist comes in handy.

"Most people wouldn't expect me to like the type of music that I do, even after they get to know me," says Erikson. "My style in general is definitely rock, but it's usually not as hard as my workout stuff."

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Tags: Motivation, Energy

The Performance Life

New Book: The Brown Fat Revolution

James Lyons would seem like an unlikely person to write a book on nutrition and exercise. After all, as a plastic surgeon, he’s often approached by people looking for quick-fix solutions after neglecting both areas.

But after spending nearly three decades as a surgeon, Lyons has developed an interesting perspective on fat. When working on patients who have adhered to a healthy lifestyle, he notices their fat is leaner and browner in color. Those who have followed poor diets and failed to exercise have yellow, “greasy” fat.

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