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The Performance Life

Mark Verstegen and a team of experts and writers provide useful strategies to perform great, while talking about their own goals and challenges as they practice the Core Performance tenets in their daily lives.

The Performance Life

Joe Maddon's 5 Secrets to Success

imagesbyferg / flickr

It’s difficult to think of a sports team or company that engineered a more dramatic turnaround than what the Tampa Bay Rays accomplished in the 2008 baseball season. A year ago, they were the worst team in baseball. Then, this past season, they made a strong bid to become the first team in professional sports history to go from being the worst in its league to champions in just one year.

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Tags: Pressure, Attitude, Baseball

The Performance Life

Track Your Progress

I've started to realize how fundamentally different the approach to endurance running is compared to my previous training for soccer.

Since I haven't had the time to do a lot of Prehab, Movement Prep, and strength training due to school obligations, I've been focusing on my running and regeneration work.

But the main difference is that tracking my progress is no longer an option. It's a necessity. I've been using http://www.mapmyrun.com to plan my runs and record my mile average afterwards. So far, I'm shooting for a sub 8-minute mile or maybe even a 7:30 mile.

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Tags: Outdoor Recreation, College, Running, Race

The Performance Life

Gabby Reece at the Top of Her Game

Gabby Reece is training for her next big challenge, but these days it doesn’t involve skying for blocks on Manhattan Beach, but winning a game in her own kitchen.

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Tags: Home, Volleyball, Family

The Performance Life

My New Outlook

gerlos / flickr

Sometimes you find inspiration when you least expect it. After making quite a dramatic change in my life a week and a half ago, I kept looking for a new challenge.

I was considering running track for my college, joining a local men’s soccer team, and even trying out as a pinch runner for our baseball team, all of which seemed like good options.

But nothing gave me that spark of enthusiasm I needed, and it showed in my daily routine: I stopped following my exercise regimen, was falling back into bad eating habits, forgot about my multivitamin, and as a result had no energy and felt sick. I had hit a rough patch.

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Tags: College, Running, Race, Goals

The Performance Life

Moving on to New Challenges

philo / flickr

This past week, I was forced to make one of the toughest decisions in my life. Because I felt like I was compromising my academic success by playing soccer, which had turned from a stress release to a stress factor over the past weeks, I met with my coach to inform him I would not be playing for the rest of this season. The move, surprisingly and to my happiness, was met with understanding from my teammates and many people I have talked to since my decision.

So what’s next? Physical activity will still be a way for me to clear out my head, as evidenced by the 30-minute run I went on this morning.

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Tags: College, Pressure, Goals

The Performance Life

Who's Watching Out for Your Waistline?

The U.S. government has just announced new physical activity guidelines for Americans. If you’re a glutton for reading long federal documents, check out the plan. Otherwise, save yourself the pain—we’ve unscrambled the key facts for you: The government wants you to move more every day.

That’s outstanding advice, but here’s the issue: Beyond the idea to get active, this new recommendation provides very little information for you to actually act on. So to help make sense of the senseless, we called in a third party—Athletes’ Performance founder Mark Verstegen.

With Verstegen’s help, we’ve decoded five crazy federal mandates contained in the government’s new guidelines and laid out a rescue plan for overweight America.

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Tags: Health, Weight Loss

The Performance Life

Regeneration Matters

lngorrr / flickr

Six games into the soccer season and we are still unbeaten and currently ranked #11 in the nation. But here’s my dilemma:

School is taking up more and more time and we have not even had tests yet. So I started doing less foam rolling and less stretching to save time.

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Tags: Regeneration, Stretching, Foam Roll, Stretch Rope, Soccer, College

The Performance Life

The Cruelties of Preseason

katie@! / flickr

It’s been incredibly hot and humid this preseason, but I promised myself I’d learn from last year and foam roll and stretch after every practice, and keep eating all day.

Anyone else have good strategies for surviving practice in the heat?

With help from the specialists on the Core Performance team, I’ve set up a daily plan for myself.

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Tags: Hydration, Snacks, Soccer, College, Food

The Performance Life

Improve Your Quality of Life at Any Age


If you do the simple things savagely well, you may not be able to extend your life, but you can certainly expand your life. To this point, I found a recent article on losing muscle mass interesting, and I've included an excerpt below:

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Tags: Longevity

The Performance Life

Recovery Trip

nicholas_t / flickr

Preseason has started, and I’m about to die. I know students everywhere are facing the challenges of a new school year and new sports seasons, so I’ll write again soon about how I’m dealing with those challenges.

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