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The Performance Life

Mark Verstegen and a team of experts and writers provide useful strategies to perform great, while talking about their own goals and challenges as they practice the Core Performance tenets in their daily lives.

The Performance Life

The World is Your Gym

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I was listening to Paul Chek's nutrition CDs the other day, and Chek used the following quote from a nutritionist. "Most people are dead at 35, they just walk around for another 30 to 40 more years." The quote was intended to apply to most adults from a nutritional standpoint. I find the point both amusing and accurate from a physical standpoint also. By 35, most of the damage is done, and without an intensive exercise program, that's difficult to reverse.

The truth is that quality of life begins to deteriorate after 30 for many people due to lack of exercise. Activities that were once simple and normal become increasingly difficult. The sad part is that the deterioration doesn't become readily apparent until the 50s or 60s, and at this point it gets much harder to change. The baby boomers are fueling the personal-training business in an attempt to improve not only the length of their life but the quality. But the time to fight back is right now. Do not wait until you are 50, and try to undo 20 years of damage.

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