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The Performance Life

Best Advice to Kickstart the Year

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With one month in the books, are you any closer to achieving your health and performance goals for 2010? To help, we’ve rounded up our best tips, recipes, and workouts from the past month in cased you missed any of it.

1. 7 Hearty Winter Meals
Perfect for the cold winter days, fill your belly with one of these protein-packed meals.

2. One Small Resolution
If you’re struggling to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions, try cutting them down to size to achieve greater success.

3. Tis’ the Season for Cocoa, Colds, and…Coronaries
Shoveling snow in cold weather can increase the risk of heart attack for some folks. Use these tips to keep yourself safe when the temperature drops.

4. The 10 Best iPhone Nutrition Apps
Your iPhone can help you eat healthier, lose fat, and perform great. We found the best nutrition apps to help you reach your goals.

5. The Future of Fitness at CES
Intel, Mia Hamm, and Core Performance showcased new innovative fitness technology at CES 2010.

6. Get Back in Playing Shape
Burn fat and rediscover your athleticism using this innovative, three-day-a-week training plan.

7. The Most Overlooked Area for Women
In this excerpt from his new book, Core Performance Women, Mark Verstegen explains why training your hips can reduce injuries and improve your performance.