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Best Mid-Year Fitness Advice


We’re halfway through 2010. Are you on track to meet your health and performance goals for the year? To help, we’ve rounded up the latest tips from the month of June, plus our best fitness and nutrition advice from the first half of the year...in case you missed it.

Disregard Age, Get Motivated
Read the incredible story of a man in his 70s who bounced back from a broken neck to win masters cycling races. Once you're feeling inspired, turn that inspiration into action.

Start an Exercise Streak
Writer Joe Kita exercised every day for a month. 30 days, 30 workouts, no excuses. Use the eight lessons he learned to help you stick to your workout.

Fuel Up: 20 Simple Workout Snacks
Tasty ideas to power your workout and help you feel great afterwards.

Ask Yourself: What Will You Achieve Next?
Reassess your goals and how you're working towards them. A positive attitude lifted one man to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. What can it do for you?

Know How Much Weight to Lift 
Everything you need to know about how much weight to lift when learning new exercises, training for power, progressing in your fitness plan, and activating sleepy muscles.

World Cup Training Secrets from Athletes’ Performance
Athletes’ Performance coaches helped elite soccer players prepare for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Find out how you can improve your endurance, speed, strength, and agility using the same techniques.

Find Your Ideal Racing Weight

Author Matt Fitzgerald shares his tips for finding the right bodyweight to maximize your performance.

Shore Up the Most Overlooked Area for Women
Mark Verstegen explains how training your hips can help reduce injuries and improve your performance.

Take the Fiber-Fueled Weight Loss Challenge
Find out what happens when you increase your fiber intake for 28 days.

Is Your Car Making You Fat?
If smaller plates and spoons can encourage weight loss, maybe we should all be driving Smart Cars.

Trade Spoons for a Slimmer Body
Butter pecan? Vanilla fudge? Go ahead. Indulge. Just remember to use this simple stay-slim trick. 

Download the 10 Best iPhone Nutrition Apps
Your iPhone can help you eat healthier, lose fat, and perform better than ever. Here’s how.

Learn the Secrets of Eating Sensibly
One hungry man. One room of unlimited food. One paltry 9-inch plate. Find out what happens and what you can learn from his experience.