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Dr. James Andrews on Youth Sports Injuries

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Did you know that by the age of 20, a baseball player who has regularly pitched past the point of fatigue is a whopping 36 times as likely to need elbow or shoulder surgery as one who has not? This according to a report by the New York Times that underscores the importance of recovery and the need for injury prevention strategies and education, especially for the parents and coaches of our young athletes.

In the article, our partner, Dr. James Andrews, discusses proactive solutions to help reverse the injury epidemic in youth sports and save a generation from pain and injury. Check out the piece to learn how Dr. Andrews, well known for his work with elite athletes like Brett Favre—as well as with athletes at Athletes’ Performance in Gulf Breeze, Fla.—got his start in sports medicine, and how his passion for preventing injuries in youth sports has led him to spearhead a soon-to-launch national campaign to help kids stay on the playing field and out of the operating room.

Click here to read the article at the New York Times.

Tags: Injury Prevention, Baseball