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The Performance Life

Hardcore Performance Playlist

Julianne Erikson is a performance specialist at the Core Performance Center in Santa Monica, California. She spends her day motivating the members and helping them train as efficiently as possible. But who's job is it to motivate her? That's where her intense playlist comes in handy.

"Most people wouldn't expect me to like the type of music that I do, even after they get to know me," says Erikson. "My style in general is definitely rock, but it's usually not as hard as my workout stuff."

Check out her playlist below. Download if you can handle it.

  • Determined – Mudvayne
  • Push It – Static-X
  • State of the Union – Rise Against
  • Voices – Disturbed
  • Blow – Atreyu
  • Kill Me Quickly – Thrice
  • One Step Closer – Linkin Park
  • Kickstart My Heart – Mötley Crüe
  • Click Click Boom – Saliva
  • Out of Control – Hoobastank
  • Cochise – Audioslave
  • Undead – Hollywood Undead
  • Left Behind – Slipknow
  • Even Flow – Pearl Jam
  • Spitfire – The Prodigy

Tags: Motivation, Energy