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Regeneration Matters

lngorrr / flickr

Six games into the soccer season and we are still unbeaten and currently ranked #11 in the nation. But here’s my dilemma:

School is taking up more and more time and we have not even had tests yet. So I started doing less foam rolling and less stretching to save time.

It freed up my schedule a bit, but a few days later—we still have two games and four practices a week—I’m paying my dues.

The soreness in my ankle is getting worse and I feel some of my muscles getting stiff. So besides being back on the foam roll, I’ve also had to spend more time in the training room.

Seems like skipping regeneration work saved me time in the short run, but it's costing me now. I should know better, but this keeps happening to me.

Does anyone have strategies that help you stick to your regeneration work?

Tags: Regeneration, Stretching, Foam Roll, Stretch Rope, Soccer, College